Treatments, Did You Know?

Treatments are an important part of overcoming illness.

Learn More about Treatments, Did You Know?

Mask Dilemma

Masks were introduced as a solution for COVID, but is that truly the case?

Learn More about Mask Dilemma

Fauci’s Track Record

What is Fauci’s track record?

Learn More about Fauci’s Track Record

The Politicization of COVID

COVID has been promoted as a health emergency that affects humanity. Why has this become a political issue?

Learn More about The Politicization of COVID

Bad Medicine

What is bad medicine? It is both the use of medical interventions that cause more harm than good as well as the failure to use helpful interventions.

Learn More about Bad Medicine

CDC’s Track record

What is the CDC’s track record for guiding the American public?

Learn More about CDC’s Track record

Two Sides of Fauci

Is Fauci the trustworthy public health officials we’re told he is?

Learn More about Two Sides of Fauci

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