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Women’s Menstrual Anomalies Lead to Massive Research Study

Background Spring of 2021 ignited a conversation on social media. Thousands of women were experiencing dramatic changes in their menstrual cycle and sharing those traumatic experiences. The conversation launched a myriad of profiles and Facebook groups where women shared personal stories of their strange irregularities. After a Facebook group containing over 20k members and testimonies…

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COVID Shot Updated Info

This post offers a series of links to content providing important information about the COVID shot.

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What we know now about the COVID shot

After two years of real-life data, we are no longer guessing about the issues with Covid-19 or the vaccines. We have the information. We have the numbers.

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The Progressive Case Against Medical Mandates

The COVID vaccine decision is not a Right versus Left issue. Those on the political right say it is an issue of freedom and bodily autonomy.

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Mark Hoch, MD COVID-19 Protocol

This COVID Protocol was created by: Mark L. Hoch, MD, DABIHM Diplomate American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine Co-Chair Past Presidents Council: Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine Bush Medical Fellow According to studies and a long history of successful use by many holistic doctors, natural remedies tend to improve this type of viral infection…

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You’re Not Alone. Did You Know?

Important information on the COVID shot.

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Fully Informed Consent on Behalf of Children

Here is a document for fully informed consent on behalf of children.

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The Censorship of Millions Against Medical Mandates

Millions Against Medical Mandates (MAMM) is now the most censored medical freedom organization on social media.

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COVID Vaccine Efficacy Information

What do we know about the efficacy of the COVID shot?

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12 Vaccine Truths

Download a flyer of 12 Vaccine Truths.

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