Canadian Truckers Unite and More Health Updates

In this episode of The 5 Docs, the panel has their first interview guest – Patrick King. King is one of the organizers of the truckers convoy heading to Ottawa, Canada. Additional topics discussed include Senator Johnson’s hearing in DC, infertility, myocarditis, and other adverse conditions caused by the CV injections.

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What’s really inside the COVID Vaccines?

A discussion of the new COVID vaccines and what makes them unusual.

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Hospital Care and Staying Healthy during COVID

The doctors discuss solutions for staying healthy, home care preparedness & what health care centers focused on real health & healing might look like in the future.

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Enough is Enough

A discussion of the many challenges facing people today and what can be done about it.

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Fighting Fear with God, facts, and effective treatments

Millions Against Medical Mandates (MAMM) is now the most censored medical freedom organization on social media.

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Today’s Impact on Tomorrow’s Reproduction

A discussion on home remideis and healing modalities to keep children healthy.

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Shedding worries? Protection Suggestions

A discussion of ways to protect yourself from possible exposure risks

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The Fertility Conversation and COVID in Teens

The Doctors continue the discussion around fertility and menstrual conversations we’re seeing. They also dive into COVID risk in young teens and the availability of the vaccine.

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COVID Shot Outcomes

What are the outcomes of the COVID shot?

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