Good Morning CHD -Vaccine Risk Awareness — The History Interview with Liz Mumper

Maureen McDonnell, Amy Gordon and Dr. Liz Mumper cover the history of vaccine risk awareness, today, on ‘Good Morning CHD.’ They look through the developments in research, education and outreach in this field.

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Good Morning CHD – COVID Vaccine Effects On Women’s Reproductive Systems with James Thorp MD

Dr. Thorp who has worked with pregnant mothers and babies for 43 years, reports the data showing the tremendous negative impact the COVID injection has had on pregnant women and their unborn children.

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Good Morning CHD – Election Results + Solutions With Maureen McDonnell + Toby Rogers, Ph.D., M.P.P.

The Day After Elections — Where do we go from here? Tune in with Maureen McDonnell, founder of Millions Against Medical Mandates + Toby Rogers, Ph.D., M.P.P to hear what we know so far + what this means for the health freedom community.

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‘Good Morning CHD’ Episode 129: Building Collaboration – Why It’s Imperative

Tune in to this episode of “Good Morning CHD” to hear a conversation on unity and collaboration with today’s guest, Christiane Northrup. The power of humans working together can make great change, if used for good. Despite the obstacles, those standing up for truth have seen the impact of seeking community to solve problems and bring back humanity to our broken culture. Viewers, don’t miss these powerful stories and encouraging solutions!

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Best COVID Knowledge

Best Knowledge All Things COVID Many wonderful organizations and brilliant medical professionals have richly contributed to the body of knowledge we presently have on many aspects of Covid-19 prevention and treatment. While it is impossible to provide a total compendium of all that is out there, within is a comprehensive list of links to some…

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Canadian Truckers Unite and More Health Updates

In this episode of The 5 Docs, the panel has their first interview guest – Patrick King. King is one of the organizers of the truckers convoy heading to Ottawa, Canada. Additional topics discussed include Senator Johnson’s hearing in DC, infertility, myocarditis, and other adverse conditions caused by the CV injections.

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What’s really inside the COVID Vaccines?

A discussion of the new COVID vaccines and what makes them unusual.

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Hospital Care and Staying Healthy during COVID

The doctors discuss solutions for staying healthy, home care preparedness & what health care centers focused on real health & healing might look like in the future.

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Enough is Enough

A discussion of the many challenges facing people today and what can be done about it.

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Fighting Fear with God, facts, and effective treatments

Millions Against Medical Mandates (MAMM) is now the most censored medical freedom organization on social media.

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