Shocked Awake with James Grundvig

James Grundvig has the #1 show on American Media Periscope - Unrestricted Truths. He is also a top investigative journalist, author, and editor-in-chief of AMP Daily News.

During this interview with MAM founder Maura McDonnell, James takes a very deep dive into the many facets of the deep state and the cabal run systems that are currently collapsing.

Buckle up as James provides an historical perspective as well as critical facts related to the harms caused by vaccines, the war in Ukraine, bioweaponry, upcoming military tribunals, and much more.

It isn’t always easy to hear and digest this type of information. Yet, if we are to create a saner, freer and healthier world, we need to open our eyes to what has led to the current state of insanity. It also helps when the source of the information is a brilliant, brave, and dedicated truth seeker and truth teller!

Thank you, James Grundvig, for blowing the lid off the lies!