Are you tired of the derogatory term "Anti-Vaxxer"?

If so, join us as we embrace a new, more professional and empowering term that provides a better description of who we really are:  

‘Vaccine Injury Specialist’

To stake claim to this title, complete the basic list of prerequisites outlined below. The advanced list is optional, but highly recommended.  

Those of us who question the safety and efficacy of vaccines (especially, the experimental COVID jabs) are not the providers of misinformation – In reality,  the ones who call us anti vaxxers are actually - MISSING-information!  

Now we have a simple, non combative strategy that not only serves as a conversation starter but it also sets one up in a more empowering position to have a meaningful discussion.  So, the next time someone says to you in a derogatory tone:  “You must be an anti vaxxer!”. Look  them straight in the eye and say very powerfully and non- emotionally:  “No, I’m not an anti-vaxxer, I’m a Vaccine Injury Specialist!”

In most instances, the conversation will proceed in a more positive direction and the opportunity will emerge to introduce some of the facts and date regarding COVID vaccine injuries you’ll learn by completing the basic prerequisites.   

Once you complete the list of  prerequisites, you will be able to order and proudly wear a T shirt (and other merchandise) signifying that you have joined the  ranks of the Vaccine Injury Specialists.   

The information you will find via the links below must be read or viewed before you order the VACCINE INJURY SPECIALIST merchandise.  

Our goal is to have each person who completes these requirements be able to engage in meaningful conversations on this topic and answer basic questions with relative confidence and ease regarding the number and type of injuries caused by the COVID injections.  Here are the steps to take to become a  Vaccine Injury Specialist.

Additional more In-depth Resources

As a Vaccine Injury Specialist, you should be able to answer the following questions;

  • How does one find the current VAERS data? (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System?) 
  • Does anyone (or company) have liability if you are injured or killed by a Covid Vaccine?
  • Do doctors or vaccine manufacturers have any liability for injuries or deaths caused by any vaccines?
  • Who oversees the vaccine’s safety studies?
  • Is it ethical to by-pass animal studies for a vaccine and then mandate it?
  • Do vaccines contain human fetal cells?
  • True or False:  The United States Supreme Court declared vaccines to be “unavoidably unsafe.”

Once completed, help change the public narrative, by wearing the T shirt and using the term Vaccine Injury Specialist in conversations, discussions and debates.  Do not let anyone intimidate you again by calling you an anti-vaxxer.    You owe it to yourself, your children and the future of humanity to become knowledgeable about the death and injuries caused by these injections and to proudly claim the title Vaccine Injury Specialist!

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-After You Complete Your Prerequisites-

  • Print out these info cards to share
  • Order your Vaccine Injury Specialist T-shirt and bag below. Wear it proudly and stand in your power!

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