Tea Time on CHD- Grandmother Wisdom

Maureen and her two “Tea Time” guests have lived through a lot. On this episode, they share their “Grandmother Wisdom” on emotional and physical health, lifespan and vital longevity, grounding and more. Listen to these “Sages of the Ages” now!

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Next Level Healing Solution – MAMM Interview with Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, PhD

Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, PhD is the inventor of the EE System (Energy Enhancement System) and during our interview, she explains how important it is to create an environment in which the body can heal and how decreasing our toxic load is critical. Dr. Sandra states the importance of deep sleep which allows our body…

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Good Morning CHD -Naturopathy in Today’s Toxic World

‘The role of naturopathic medicine in today’s toxic world’ is the topic at hand on ‘Good Morning CHD.’ Join Maureen, Amy and guest Joseph Pizzorno, ND, as they dive deep into this subject.

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MAMM & MAPS Interview with James Neuenschwander, MD, the medical Director of MAPS

  It’s time for YOU  to give good medical advice to your physician! Listen to the interview below with James Neuenschwander, MD, the medical Director of MAPS (Medical Advanced Pediatric Special Needs) and encourage your physician to attend one of their conferences.  Dr. Neu and many other expert clinicians provide the training necessary for doctors…

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Are Covid Boosters Beneficial for Long Covid Patients?

Are Covid boosters beneficial for Long Covid patients? By Amy Gordon, Co-Director of Millions Against Medical Mandates According to Yahoo Finance, 22 million U.S. adults (including my husband and those with vaccine injury) are living with Long Covid Syndrome.  They are on multiple Facebook groups to exchange information, treatments protocols and support for their symptoms/issues. And they have…

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Good Morning CHD -Vaccine Risk Awareness — The History Interview with Liz Mumper

Maureen McDonnell, Amy Gordon and Dr. Liz Mumper cover the history of vaccine risk awareness, today, on ‘Good Morning CHD.’ They look through the developments in research, education and outreach in this field.

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Dr. Christiane Northrup shares the most important message of the New Year

  Dr. Northrup delivers a powerful New Year’s message during her interview with MAMM founder Maureen McDonnell. Dr. Northrup, an OB/GYN, best selling NY Times author, creator & star of eight PBS specials on women’s health, and the absolute world expert on “what can go right with a woman’s body” lays out the reasons why…

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The Toxic Truth About -Toxins- and What You Can Do About It

Toxins are everywhere and in everything and they are negatively impacting our health!

The good news is that after watching this presentation, you will be more knowledgeable about how to minimize your exposure to these chemicals and how to choose products that are safer, cleaner and therefore better for your health and the health of your children.
Time to get savvy and outsmart the slick advertising and propaganda tactics that have led us all down an incredibly unhealthy path.
Watch and share this video so that you and many others can learn the Toxic Truth about Toxins and discover why and how minimizing exposure to them is an essential key to obtaining great health!

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MAMM Founder Delivers Unity Speech in DC

Defeat the Mandates March in DC: In January 2022, several of us from MAMM traveled to DC for a freezing cold, but historic, Defeat the Mandates March.  The founder of MAMM was slated to speak to the crowd of 40,000 about the importance of collaboration, when the electricity was abruptly turned off.  However, later that…

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Good Morning CHD – COVID Vaccine Effects On Women’s Reproductive Systems with James Thorp MD

Dr. Thorp who has worked with pregnant mothers and babies for 43 years, reports the data showing the tremendous negative impact the COVID injection has had on pregnant women and their unborn children.

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