You’re Not Alone. Did You Know?

Jab or Job

Where do you draw the line?

Elected on a “get tough on COVID” platform, President Biden is ignoring critical vaccine science basics. In early September, Biden pledged to use his presidential powers to force people into compliance by pushing vaccine mandates. These mandates are continuing full speed ahead despite a plummeting disapproval rating and COVID numbers that continue to escalate. Now, many Americans are faced with getting vaccinated for COVID or losing their livelihoods. Here’s what you should know.

DID YOU KNOW that the COVID vaccine doesn’t stop transmission?

DID YOU KNOW that as of October 8, 2021, there have been nearly 800,000 adverse events reported to VAERS from the COVID vaccine? This includes 79,669 hospitalizations and 16,766 deaths.

DID YOU KNOW that these numbers are likely much higher? A government-funded study found that less than one percent of all adverse reactions are ever reported. Medical providers are also reluctant to report reactions, injuries and deaths from the COVID vaccine.

DID YOU KNOW that the CDC is improperly tracking vaccine failure by only counting those vaccinated and hospitalized as “breakthrough” cases, ignoring those who have been vaccinated and are sick at home?

DID YOU KNOW that data clearly shows that the belief that a high-enough vaccination rate will stop COVID is not grounded in science?

DID YOU KNOW that the definition of “fully vaccinated” is subject to interpretation and no longer obvious?

DID YOU KNOW that asking you to undergo a medical intervention to keep your job is considered coercion and that medical coercion is highly unethical?

DID YOU KNOW that you are not alone and not without resources and recourse? Powerful unions are now standing up to the mandates! This document contains multiple links to legal information, forms and letters, Notices for Employers and other pertinent information, including six listings for jab-free job boards.

DID YOU KNOW that if you already had COVID there is excellent new research showing that your natural immunity is much more robust than what it would be from a vaccine?

We are hitting a turning point that is fueling movements like the below. It’s time to let our politicians, our local leaders, our friends, and our family know that enough is enough.

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