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The Truth Trilogy is a series like no other!

Thanks to the support from the Centner foundation, MAM was able to curate the most relevant information related to the toxic truth about food, environmental toxins, and vaccines.
Focused on solutions, yet covering all the relevant facts, this series serves to both educate and enlighten.
We offer this at no charge and ask that you share it widely. It can be used in classrooms, discussion groups, and for patient education at health and wellness centers, etc.
The Truth Trilogy is meant to be a progressive series with each presentation designed to build on the next.
Please enjoy and share this series with people who may not be as awakened, or as informed, as you are - so together we can create a healthier tomorrow!


The Toxic Truth About Food

What’s all this talk about the importance of whole, unprocessed, organic food in order to maximize your health, strengthen your immune system to fight off infections (any infection!) and prevent chronic illness? Is it true? Is improving your diet really worth the effort?

Unequivocally….the answer to these questions is YES!

In this entertaining and educational, hour-long presentation, we (a nurse, a teacher, and a master’s level holistic nutritionist) will take you on a journey. We will go back in time and discover how our food lost its nutritional value, and how the food and chemical industries used clever advertising, propaganda, and persuasion to not only influence the public’s perspective but also control public health policies. You’ll see just when and how the food industry became so corrupt.

Most importantly you’ll learn some simple solutions for breaking down the myths around healthy eating and getting to the core of what it really takes for you and your family to be healthy.

Thanks to support from the Centner Academy, we were able to dedicate many hours and spend many months researching and developing this presentation to make it not just educational, but inspirational and practical.

The Toxic Truth About Toxins

Toxins are everywhere, in everything, and they are negatively impacting our health!

The good news is that after watching this presentation, you will be more knowledgeable about how to minimize your exposure to these chemicals and how to choose products that are safer, cleaner and therefore better for your health and the health of your children.

It’s time to get savvy and outsmart the slick advertising and propaganda tactics that have led us all down an incredibly unhealthy path.

Watch and share this video so that you and many others can learn the Toxic Truth about Toxins and discover why and how minimizing exposure to them is an essential key to obtaining great health!

The Toxic Truth About Vaccines

The Toxic Truth about Vaccines is a 32-minute video that is jam packed with history, facts, statistics, and solutions regarding the controversial topic of vaccinations.
After watching this well-referenced presentation, be sure to share it with others.
The time has come to thoroughly and openly discuss and challenge the long held belief that vaccines are completely safe and effective and are the most important public health measure to date.
Please support MAM by making a donation today so we can continue to produce tools and solutions like this video. Together we can create that freer, saner and healthier world we all know is possible!

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