The Progressive Case Against Medical Mandates

There is little doubt that the COVID vaccine issue is dividing the nation. The people are tired of COVID restrictions, and the Biden administration paints the Covid vaccine as a kind of savior - the "only way back to normalcy." 

In part one of this article, we’ll discuss:

  • How Medical Mandates Undermine Progressivism
  • How Medical Mandates Heighten Inequality
  • Restricting Civil Liberties for the Greater Good - Necessary for Normalcy?
    • Criterion #1 Debunked: COVID is an apocalyptic danger.
    • Criterion #2 Debunked: COVID vaccines are necessary to stop the virus.
    • Criterion #3 Debunked: There are no serious risks from COVID vaccines.
  • Safeguarding Civil Rights At the Time of the “War on COVID-19”

Often the Covid vaccine decision is framed as a Right versus Left issue. Those on the political right say it is an issue of freedom and bodily autonomy. Those on the political left say it is a question of protecting the vulnerable and necessary for the greater good. But the Covid vaccine question is more complex than the media or the Biden administration would like to acknowledge. At its core, the vaccine decision is a civil rights issue.

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