The Politicization of COVID


ENOUGH with the politics of Covid-19 therapies.  Our lives are at stake.  Millions Against Medical Mandates (MAMM) strongly condemns the politicization of Covid-19 medical choices.

The Science overwhelmingly supports the early use of HCQ (with Zinc).  See the 82 supporting studies in the link. If we were in a world of rational thinkers. we would be calling for a Congressional Hearing as to why Dr. Fauci and the FDA intentionally blocked the availability of Hydroxychloroquine as an early treatment or prophylactic for COVID19!

Dr. Harvey Risch, the distinguished Yale Cancer Epidemiologist, supports the use of Hydroxychloroquine in his interview on Fox News

In his article in the Washington Examiner, he wrote:

It seems quite possible that the FDA, a third of whose funding comes from drug companies, is under intense pressure from those companies to be extremely conservative in its handling of hydroxychloroquine. If hydroxychloroquine is used widely and comes to be recognized as highly effective, the markets for expensive and patented COVID-19 medications, including intravenous drugs that can only be used in the hospital, will shrink substantially.

He published further evidence for HCQ in the prestigious American Journal of Epidemiology


Many elected officials politicized HCQ (a viable medical treatment) simply because:

1.  the opposing party supports it and

2. they are beholden to the vaccine money they take to fund their elections.

This is not an endorsement of any particular party; it is a condemnation of the politicization of medical choices. Patients should decide, not lawmakers. Many scientists across the globe believe hydroxychloroquine may have promise as a treatment, and they, too, condemn the politicization around it as unprecedented.

Hundreds of other countries use hydroxychloroquine, and countries that use HCQ have an 80% reduction in mortality attributed to COVID19 compared to countries that do not.

By making HCQ difficult and in some states impossible for physicians to prescribe, the vaccine promoters, Dr. Fauci, and the FDA are actually responsible for tens of thousands and potentially hundreds of thousands of deaths by sinking a potentially viable treatment for political gain.

Sick Americans are being harmed by the FDA and those involved in HCQ’s politicization.

The politicization of HCQ is an ongoing tragedy. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has more than 60 million HCQ tablets sitting in its warehouses. Absent a new Emergency Use Authorization, FEMA cannot ship this valuable medicine for appropriate “off-label” treatment of COVID-19 patients.

Remember: Bad science was used to both discredit and block the availability and usage of hydroxychloroquine. In this video it explains how late-stage COVID patients were given LETHAL DOSES of HCQ on late-stage COVID19 patients, greatly magnifying their risk. We now the benefit in early or even prophylactic use. See the interview of Dr. Meryl Nass, who discovered that the doses were fatal, and reported the same to the FDA, who ended the studies.

What can you do? Take action!

There are two petitions to have the Emergency Use Authorization for Hydroxychloroquine reinstated. Sign and share both - and use this Millions Against Medical Mandates ( message to enlist the help of others!


We stand with these organizations to reverse course on HCQ use and get it in the hands of professionals who know its true value and how to use it.

1. Support for the Request for Emergency Use Authorization of Hydroxychloroquine for Ambulatory, Prophylaxis and Treatment of COVID-19:

2. And sign AAPS's petition to Free Hydroxychloroquine

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