Mask Dilemma


You Can Be A Good Person or You Can Have Questions About The Usefulness of Masks.

You are a good person.  You try to do the right thing for your family and for your community.  You try to follow the rules. And you also have questions.

If kids aren’t spreading coronavirus, why are we putting masks on them?

If kids are less likely to catch it, why are we putting masks on them?

There seems to be confusing double-speak in articles from The New York Times (and other popular media) stating conclusively that children can spread it...but there is no research that substantiates this claim. "While there has yet to be hard data to prove asymptomatic spread – transmitting the virus without displaying any symptoms … there’s nothing to suggest “the lack of symptoms doesn’t mean you don’t transmit it.”   DOES THAT SOUND CONCLUSIVE TO YOU?

In the only study put forth by the CDC to support that children are spreading the virus, the numbers indicate that both age groups 0 to 10 and 11 to 20 each represent <1%!!!


If masks work, then why did China’s outbreaks reach record highs? Asians have been wearing masks for years!

If masks work, then why are we having something called mask to mask transmission?

Americans are not even using N95 or surgical masks which have limited some effectiveness in research.  We are mostly using cloth masks. A CDC report released Tuesday said that by early May, a survey estimated that about 76% of American adults who left the house in the week prior had used a cloth face covering

Is this ALL that the CDC has to substantiate face mask usage to stop transmission?  Observation at a hair salon with only 139 “subjects”  It doesn't even distinguish which types of face masks were worn by the hair stylists who had symptoms!!!

This video sums nicely sums up the questions about mask to mask transmission.

You want to ask questions.  It’s normal, in the face of the evidence, to have questions.  But we have a new normal; a different normal.  The new normal is the fear of speaking out, the fear of the shame that is being directed at those who speak out, and the censorship for doing so.  Leigh-Allyn Baker knows what is at risk if you ask questions.  Listen to her acknowledge that 1. she will likely not get work again in the acting world for speaking out and 2. she has received death wishes for her and her child for questioning masks.

We should be allowed to have our questions, to voice our concerns.  Have the mask conversation.  It’s time to come together on that which we can agree on.

Please read and consider signing these petitions to stop the Mandating of Masks. They definitely pose health risks and most are ineffective in preventing the spread of infection.

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