Thoughts On Covid A New Series from Dr. Richard Moskowitz

Thoughts On Covid A New Series from Dr. Richard Moskowitz An article from Age of Autism As we approach the 4th anniversary of “Two weeks to flatten the curve,” we’re honored to present Dr. Richard Moskowitz’s insightful thoughts on the errors of the Covid era. Richard Moskowitz, MD, is a family physician who received his BA from Harvard,…

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Are Parental Rights Becoming Illegal?

Are Parental Rights Becoming Illegal? By Laraine Abbey-Katzev, Member of the Millions Against Mandates Collaborative Communication Committee This ‘destruction of parental rights bill’ proposed in the New York state legislature is FRIGHTENING!   On his Substack platform, my colleague, Curtis Cost, featuring long time health activist, John Gilmore and others via a Zoom call, presents…

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Vaccines- Where Do We Go From Here?

You are not alone as millions of people, including some who never considered themselves anti-vaxxers, are wondering about “safety and efficacy.” A deep mistrust in the CDC and other agencies has been created after their misinformation and lack of transparency.

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Are Covid Boosters Beneficial for Long Covid Patients?

Are Covid boosters beneficial for Long Covid patients? By Amy Gordon, Co-Director of Millions Against Medical Mandates According to Yahoo Finance, 22 million U.S. adults (including my husband and those with vaccine injury) are living with Long Covid Syndrome.  They are on multiple Facebook groups to exchange information, treatments protocols and support for their symptoms/issues. And they have…

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MAMM Founder Delivers Unity Speech in DC

Defeat the Mandates March in DC: In January 2022, several of us from MAMM traveled to DC for a freezing cold, but historic, Defeat the Mandates March.  The founder of MAMM was slated to speak to the crowd of 40,000 about the importance of collaboration, when the electricity was abruptly turned off.  However, later that…

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MAMM Founder and Director, Maureen McDonnell received the Zelenko Foundation “Rose Award”

MAMM Founder and Director Maureen McDonnell received the Zelenko Foundation “Rose Award” along with her esteemed colleagues: Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Sherri Tenpenney, Dr. Judy Mikovits and Barbara Loe Fisher. These women were being honored by the Zelenko Foundation’s Directors- Kevin Jenkins & Ann Vandersteel for their trailblazing work in the Health, Freedom & Vaccine Risk Aware movements.

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Virtual Rounds Session 15: Vaccine Immunity vs Natural Immunity

Dr Dan McDyer, ObGyn from Florida talks about vaccine immunity vs natural immunity and how the shots are serving to perpetuate the pandemic via non-neutralizing antibodies. He also throws in some data that he found in his own practice regarding menstrual irregularities, miscarriages, etc.

React19 is a science-based non-profit offering financial, physical, and emotional support for those suffering from long-term COVID-19 vaccine adverse events globally. Our mission is to bring healing to the moms, dads, friends, and loved ones who are facing life-altering side effects from their COVID-19 vaccine. We build bridges between patients and research institutions in order to develop a better understanding of our vaccine complications.

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Expert Panel: Should Kids Get The Covid Shot?

This special Make Americans Free Again Hawaii ( monthly Zoom call features several guest speakers including Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Stephanie Seneff and Steve Kirsch. The event was moderated by Dr. Christopher Lyden of the Hawaii Covid Vaccine Forum.

This in-depth discussion covers all of the many reasons why we should not run out to get our kids vaccinated simply because the CDC said we should!

Please share this important presentation widely!

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Learn more about Make Americans Free Again and add your name to our database!

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Activating Our Superpower to Heal & to Unify

This interview with Jason Shurka discusses how true unity and collaboration on a collective or global scale will be much more achievable when each person activates their own super power.
We are all beginning to realize we can indeed heal ourselves – we can create our own reality and we can for certain heal the world.
Enjoy this interview with MAMM cofounders Maureen McDonnell and Amy Gordon as they explore new and interesting territory with Jason Shurka including discussing the EE system a next level healing technology

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