Fauci’s Track Record

Today’s installment on Dr. Anthony Fauci is long but packed full of information. We are focusing on hydroxychloroquine but touch on masks, lockdown, and other areas as well. Feel free to use what is helpful to you and your followers from the many links below. We also encourage you to dig deeper on Dr. Fauci – there’s more there than the public façade.

We understand that science evolves, and opinions may change. However, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (“NIAID”) has been getting it wrong and flip-flopping on so many things, it’s a wonder anybody listens to him anymore.

Other experts seem to take a more measured and stable stance on key issues – and, unsurprisingly, these positions often conflict with Dr. Fauci’s. Why is that?  And why are these other experts being dismissed in favor of Dr. Fauci?


Dr. Fauci complains when people do not believe authority (presumably him) and derides people and information he considers “anti-science,” including observations such as case studies, often referred to as anecdotal.  He insists that thousands of reported COVID-19 recoveries are meaningless unless, and until, treatments resulting in recovery are tested in rigorous clinical trials (while not holding vaccines for the infection to the same rigorous standard). For example, on hydroxychloroquine (“HCQ”), Fauci is unmoved by all of the following:

  • World-renowned immunologist and French physician Didier Raoult, Ph.D. reported research on COVID19 patients benefiting from HCQ;
  • Dr. Stephen Smith, MD, of the Smith Center for Infectious Disease, reports dramatic benefits in his patients;
  • Dr. Harvey Risch, MD, Ph.D., of Yale School of Public Health, finds great benefit for prevention and early treatment with HCQ as published in the American Journal of Epidemiology May 27, 2020.

While that should be enough for Fauci, it is apparently not. Here’s more:

  • Vladimir Zelenko, MD, an upstate New York physician, successfully treated over 800 outpatient COVID cases with HCQ and has worked with other doctors to publish research on the successful use of HCQ in outpatient treatment; and
  • Ivette Lozano, MD, of Dallas, Texas reports 100% effectiveness also in the outpatient treatment of hundreds of cases, many coming from surrounding other cities and states, where doctors will not prescribe it. She stated that all those she has treated have had symptoms resolve – with improvements beginning in as few as 5 hours (beginning at 3:51 in this video). And now she is having trouble getting prescriptions filled!

And that’s not all – new information about HCQ benefits continues to be published! Here’s the new Henry Ford Health System hot-off-the-press study, supportive of HCQ in COVID-19 patients. The study, published July 1, 2020, found that treatment with HCQ cut the COVID19 death rate significantly.

Yet when the government set up an HCQ trial, the NIH trial omitted key elements like zinc, used in many successful treatment protocols.

Fauci falsely alleges (at 58 seconds in this video) that the dosages used to treat COVID-19 are far greater than those used in the treatment of malaria or auto-immune diseases such as lupus but Fauci is wrong again! In reality, the dosages used by these doctors and scientists are usually the same or lower than malaria or autoimmune dosages. For example, Dr. Didier Raoult’s Marseille group used 600 mg per day.

Despite multitudes of reports on hydroxychloroquine’s clear effectiveness, Fauci and others have rebuffed experts’ results, potentially leading to the needless deaths of countless COVID victims and now the FDA has revoked its Emergency Use Authorization for HCQ and chloroquine phosphate (CQ). Yet many of the studies that allegedly demonstrate the “ineffectiveness” and even claimed “danger” and “deadliness” of HCQ have deeply flawed study designs, including toxic dosages, as uncovered by Dr. Meryl NassOne large study, published in The Lancet, was trumpeted as proof that HCQ worsened outcomes and was not an effective treatment for COVID-19. In what has been called “one of the biggest retractions in modern history,” The Lancet was forced to admit that even the authors could not verify the data.

How many lives are being lost because of misinformation about HCQ and HCQ treatment protocols?


It is not just HCQ. There’s Fauci’s admission that he and other health officials purposefully mislead the American public on mask-wearing in order to preserve the stock of masks. So why would we believe him as he flip-flops yet again?

Fauci appears to have a do as I say not as I do attitude toward masks. When he thinks the camera is off, the mask is off. Look how uncomfortable Fauci is here, constantly touching the mask and his face as he tells us not to do that. His behavior is similar to someone who is not used to wearing a mask at all!

The Lockdown

While long, this Senate testimony from May 2020 highlights the stark contrast between Dr. Fauci and leading experts from Stanford, Yale, other esteemed institutions who expressed grave concern over the social, health, and financial impacts of the continued lockdown, while Dr. Fauci continued to argue for continuing the devastating lockdown.

COVID-19 Vaccines

Did you know that Dr. Fauci has actually stated that he does not want Americans to achieve natural herd immunity to COVID-19? Why not? Could it be because NIAID stands to make substantial royalties off the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine (which has troubling preliminary results and now has been delayed) should it be approved, and the US has billions riding on other vaccine candidates as well? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXW-WkU37rc

Despite his contradictory and sometimes false statements, Dr. Fauci does not seem to understand why many Americans are fast losing trust in him, NIH, FDA, and the CDC. Now he is worried that too many Americans will distrust a fast-tracked vaccine with unknown efficacy and safety profiles, putting his dreams of vaccine-induced herd immunity at risk (though no one knows the level needed to achieve vaccine-induced herd immunity). He should not be surprised…of course people are worried about the potentially deadly risks of a poorly tested vaccine with an unproven safety profile and given his mistruths and flip-flops, would Fauci expect people to blindly follow him? Will you?

As it’s turning out, many have been recognizing Fauci as “getting it wrong.” Among the latest critics is Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick who blasts Fauci as “wrong every time on every issue.” Media personalities Bill Maher and Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports also have taken Fauci to the task.

And Fauci’s misinformation is not limited to COVID-19…Here is a humdinger of a mistruth by Fauci.  It has been said Fauci’s either inexcusably uninformed or a bold-faced liar when he states that the MMR measles vaccine doesn’t cause encephalitis (brain swelling), despite it being a well-known side effect of the MMR vaccine and a recognized MMR vaccine injury by the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Watch this video to learn more.

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