Two Sides of Fauci

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If our public health officials tell bald-faced lies to Congress, POTUS, and the public, why should they expect anyone to trust them?

We’re told we should trust Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Director of NIAID, on everything from social distancing to whether COVID-19 vaccines should be tested on animals before humans. .But in order to trust someone, you have to believe what they’re saying.  When the dialog keeps changing believing in them  becomes difficult - if not impossible

  1. Anthony Fauci lied about masks; now he complains that people 'distrust authority'

 After first telling the public that they didn’t need to wear masks, a few weeks later,  Fauci claims he was “lying” to save masks for the medical community for a surge that never came. He therefore “knew” at the time that N95 masks reduced the transmission of SARS-CoV-2.  Problem is that at the time he allegedly was lying, no studies had been conducted on the effect of masks on SARS-CoV-2 virus transmission rates. Since he came “clean”, the only thing Fauci has demonstrated is a lack of credibility.  Next he’ll be telling us he lied about masks working.  This isn’t leadership.  Fauci is clearly just making it up as he goes along, knowing that legions of followers will stand by his every unreliable word, even when he flip-flops on issues on matters of life and death.

Fauci has also encouraged people to stop questioning authority. Here Fauci is arguing that we should all commit the logical fallacy known as “appeal to authority” - the argument that merely because someone is recognized as an expert on a topic, their statements “ARE” the truth and do not deserve scrutiny. Unfortunately, Fauci’s truth is plastic, malleable, something that can be changed on a whim to suit the needs of an agenda.   With Fauci flip-flopping like a fish out of water on nearly every important detail - except the inevitability of a role for a vaccine - it seems impossible that Americans have not woken up to the Fauci as the largest source of misinformation about COVID-19 in the country.

  1. Fauci attempts to cover up for COVID testing fiasco by telling a story about a three-year old whose mother found him in the kitchen with a broken cookie jar on the floor.

Mother: “What happened?”

Boy: “Nothing.”

Mother: “But the cookie jar is on the floor, broken!”

Boy: “Oh, that was just something that happened”.

The context for this analogy is Fauci’s attempt to cover for CDC COVID-19 testing fiasco, which began with failing to adopt a validated and highly accurate COVID-19 PCR test in mid-January 2020 so they could develop “their own” test.  Problem was the CDC’s test was flawed - one set of primers did not work as expected. The flaw in the test was not discovered by CDC - it was discovered by physicians who could not accept the results of the CDC’s test given the symptoms of patients who were critically ill and dying from COVID-19.

Fauci’s explanation came in an interview with Hugh Hewitt in March 2020, that the CDC’s fatal flub was not anyone’s fault, but instead it was just something that “happened”.

Why did CDC feel it had to develop its own test, instead of using one that had already been tested - and are we supposed to accept that CDC cannot be held accountable for its failings?

Title: CDC’s Deadly Testing Fiasco

3. FAUCI wants to skip critical safety testing to accelerate the development of a vaccine for COVID.

On June 18th Fauci announced that widespread lockdowns were no longer needed. He also emphasized the need for an acceleration in the development of a COVID-19 vaccine. The problem is by skipping critical animals studies designed to test for disease enhancement,  human subjects will be experimented upon to determine whether COVID-19 vaccines make recipients sicker, something that could have been done many times over now in animals.  It could also create a situation in which the vaccine makes the symptoms of an infection much worse, leading to higher rates of critical/serious illness or death.

We know that vaccine studies in the UK had to be moved to Brazil due to an insufficient number of cases.  Did Fauci want us to believe that widespread lockdowns are not necessary so more people acquire the infection so vaccine researchers had enough new cases to conduct their Phase II/III trials?

Not surprisingly, the very next week after Fauci promised the public that more lockdowns would not be necessary, some states announced a return to the Yellow Phase.

Of course, prolonged lock-downs were never the plan in the first place: The “deal” that the medical community made with the public was to be a short, intense, two-week lock-down to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed by a “surge”.  Once in lock-down, the strategy became the unprecedented default defense - at immense expense to small business, employment, and  the paltry personal savings pf most American citizens With huge personal investments in the COVID vaccine and the chance to obtain  lucrative  returns on his investment once the vaccine is developed, it appears once again that Dr. Fauci has two faces once of faux concern for the public and the other - a total disregard for human safety and long term consequences  from a fast tracked vaccine.

Title: Anthony Fauci: Widespread lockdowns “no longer needed” in U.S.


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