Millions Against Medical Mandates collaborates with many experts and activists to create videos to educate, empower and encourage the millions.

The Art of Media Manipulation

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, as a case study to examine just a handful of commonly used media manipulation techniques.

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Today’s Impact on Tomorrow’s Reproduction

A discussion on home remideis and healing modalities to keep children healthy.

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A Crash Course on Masks

Enjoy this short video on the issue of masks.

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Shedding worries? Protection Suggestions

A discussion of ways to protect yourself from possible exposure risks

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The Fertility Conversation and COVID in Teens

The Doctors continue the discussion around fertility and menstrual conversations we’re seeing. They also dive into COVID risk in young teens and the availability of the vaccine.

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COVID Shot Outcomes

What are the outcomes of the COVID shot?

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What’s Going On with Women’s Cycles

A discussion of the issues with women’s cycle since COVID.

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A Crash Course on PCR

Watch this short video on the PCR test.

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A Crash Course on the COVID Vaccine

Here’s a video sharing some important information on the COVID shot.

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COVID Vaccine on Trial: If you only knew

Listen to this conversation about the COVID shot.

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