Millions Against Medical Mandates collaborates with many experts and activists to create videos to educate, empower and encourage the millions.

A Crash Course on the COVID Vaccine

Here’s a video sharing some important information on the COVID shot.

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COVID Vaccine on Trial: If you only knew

Listen to this conversation about the COVID shot.

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What 3 Medical Truth Tellers Endured

In this interview, you will hear the reasons why three medical professionals (Dr. Andrew Wakefield, pediatrician Dr. Paul Thomas, and RN Janet Presson) each became the targets of witch hunts. They’ll share what they learned from their experiences and advice they have for other medical truth-tellers.

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Stronger Together: Unity Video

The leaders of several health freedom organizations collectively represent MILLIONS with a message about injustice and medical tyranny.

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Optimizing Health and Minimizing Risks

In this time of Coronavirus fear mongering, several MAMM health professionals have collaborated on the presentation below to educate folks on how to optimize our immune system and minimize risks. Presenters Maureen McDonnell Maureen has been a registered nurse for 42 years, working in childbirth education, labor and delivery, clinical nutrition and pediatrics. She is…

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