Millions Against Medical Mandates collaborates with many experts and activists to create videos to educate, empower and encourage the millions.

Canadian Truckers Unite and More Health Updates

In this episode of The 5 Docs, the panel has their first interview guest – Patrick King. King is one of the organizers of the truckers convoy heading to Ottawa, Canada. Additional topics discussed include Senator Johnson’s hearing in DC, infertility, myocarditis, and other adverse conditions caused by the CV injections.

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Kids and COVID: A Q & A for Parents

Parents deserve honest answers and science-based facts in order to make an informed decision about giving their child the COVID vaccine. Please join us for a panel of North Carolina-based medical experts.

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Fully Informed Consent on Behalf of Children

Here is a document for fully informed consent on behalf of children.

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The Lost Art of Healing Our Children

Maureen McDonnell, BSN, discusses with Larry Palevsky, M.D., how parents can support children’s health at home.

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How the Pandemic Fits into Regenerative Farming and Planetary Health

Our future depends on our ability to embrace regenerative farming & economics and our willingness to see the Inextricable relationship between food, health & planetary & human survival.

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Threats to Children’s Health and Tools to Wellness with Michelle Perro

MAMMs founder & former pediatric RN Maureen McDonnell interviews Michelle Perro, MD – holistic pediatrician. The discussion centers on the detrimental impact environmental toxins, poor nutrition & COVID vaccines have on children’s health. Most importantly they address what parents can do to tip the scales in favor of their children’s health. View Dr. Perro’s website…

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What’s really inside the COVID Vaccines?

A discussion of the new COVID vaccines and what makes them unusual.

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Information dozen and the Racketeers of misinformation

This 28-minute short film explains the backstory related to the insane restrictions, regulations, censorship & policies generated by the COVID pandemic including the attempt by the US president to defame heroes from the health & freedom movements.

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Prepare your Home for Optimal Health

This episode of Fiercely Pursuing the Truth discusses practical ways to minimize your health risks and prepare your home for optimal health this Fall and Winter.

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Hospital Care and Staying Healthy during COVID

The doctors discuss solutions for staying healthy, home care preparedness & what health care centers focused on real health & healing might look like in the future.

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