Dr. Dan Stocks Speaks at Mt Vernon High School

On Friday, August 7th, Dr. Dan Stock, an Indiana Functional Family Medical Physician, specially trained in Immunology and Inflammation Regulation, spoke to the Mt. Vernon School Board, detailing his concerns about masks and other Covid-19 protocols. In his 6:47 presentation listen as he makes his position clear. “We’re doing things that are not useful.” “Everything being recommended by the CDC and the State Board of Health is actually contrary to all the rules of science.” “You cannot make these viruses go away.” “Vaccination changes none of this.” In addition to his verbal testimony, Dr. Stock provided the school board with a flash drive containing data and studies from which he’s drawn his conclusions. View his documentation here.

In closing, Dr. Stock states: “You have free, pro-bono, expert testimony at your disposal. I will testify in defense of this board turning down all these recommendations for free, at any time, in any court.”

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