ICU Nurse Shares COVID Info

In this 49:19 video, “You’re Being Lied to About Covid”, Nicole covers multiple tentacles of the Covid-19 issue including:

  • being led to believe there are no treatments for Covid
  • lies about hydroxychloroquine
  • skewing case and testing numbers
  • financial incentives
  • clinical trials
  • vaccine passports
  • The Great Barrington Declaration
  • the Nursing Code of Ethics (Right to Self-Determination)
  • the Nuremberg Code
  • crimes against humanity
  • research subjects and more.

Nicole lays it out clearly,

There is no finish line. There will never be a point where we can wear enough masks or get enough vaccinations to make this, you know, to make this stop. It has been 18 months past two weeks to slow the spread, and I, I do not care if you are on the left, or if you are on the right, or what color your skin is. We are not enemies. The government is your enemy. The media is your enemy, Big Pharma and Big Tech are your enemies. They have done a beautiful job of pitting us against each other. And you know, there is no way that any of this is going to stop until we make it stop. If we keep going down this road, it will only get worse. They’re using fear and propaganda to control us. You’re being emotionally manipulated and you’re being intentionally deceived. And our rights and our freedoms and our liberties are being ripped out from us. And it’s not going to stop unless we make it stop. So, you know, get mad and get loud, because they will not stop and this needs to stop. We cannot implement vaccine passports or mandates and this vaccine…I truly believe that the vaccination campaign needs to stop. So, you know, all this stuff that is coming down, do not comply with it.

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