Notice of Liability for Administrators

A letter that given to pharmacists, nurses, doctors, and administrators to notify of potential liability when administering COVID-19 vaccines.

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Today’s Impact on Tomorrow’s Reproduction

A discussion on home remideis and healing modalities to keep children healthy.

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Shedding worries? Protection Suggestions

A discussion of ways to protect yourself from possible exposure risks

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The Fertility Conversation and COVID in Teens

The Doctors continue the discussion around fertility and menstrual conversations we’re seeing. They also dive into COVID risk in young teens and the availability of the vaccine.

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Student Rights and New School Requirements

Everyday there are more news stories about schools and universities requiring the COVID-19 injection for enrollment and attendance. A key issue with the requirement of any vaccine or shot is the lack of liability. Often, employers don’t realize that pharmaceutical companies have been given immunity from liability for these medical interventions. The NCVIA (National Childhood…

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Employee Rights and New Work Requirements

This employee form is a great way to begin discussions with employers about any new health requirements your business may be enforcing. It can be used to educate them and advocate for yourself.

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COVID Shot Outcomes

What are the outcomes of the COVID shot?

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What’s Going On with Women’s Cycles

A discussion of the issues with women’s cycle since COVID.

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COVID Safe Practices

What are safe practices for COVID?

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