Legally Defeat Local Mandates with Attorney Lakota Denton

Maureen McDonnell interviewed lawyer Lakota Denton. Lakota Denton is an Asheville-based attorney specializing in personal injury litigation. He has been in practice for himself since 20212. In 2019, Mr. Denton successfully struck down a health department stay-at-home order enforced upon 105 children not to be vaccinated against chickenpox. He chooses cases where he can help people advocate for their rights. In this episode of Fiercely Pursuing Truth, Maureen and Lakota discuss the case of five city workers in Asheville, North Carolina, who lost their jobs because of refusing to take the COVID vaccine or test weekly. Mr. Denton took their case and shares the experience. Shortly after a hearing on the case, the Asheville City government overturned the mandates.

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