Lockdowns for Public Health

Don't call them lockdowns

The true terror of Covid-19 is the destructive response from public health authorities. Costly mistakes which have hurt innocent lives. Public health is pulling the strings to create a nightmarish New Normal, and their only solution is a new vaccine.

Don’t call them "LOCKDOWNS": they are SOCIAL ISOLATION

Lockdowns are used to control prison riots or slave revolts. They stop the violence, and punish the inmates. They work.

What we are doing is not a lockdown. We are using mandatory social isolation to try to stop the spread of a virus. The analogy with lockdowns is not appropriate. We are not prisoners, we are not slaves. We are free people, and we’ve done nothing wrong. We don’t deserve punishment, and most of all: social isolation doesn’t work.

Calling it a “lockdown" subtly makes it seem as if what we are doing will work, because lockdowns work. It makes it sound as if the sacrifices we are being forced to make are worth it. They are not!

Social isolation increases stress. Stress is a killer: people are more likely to get sick, more likely to end up in the hospital or to die. People who aren’t allowed to work, who can’t earn a living, are particularly hard hit.

Social isolation causes depression. Depression itself makes you more likely to get sick, and more likely to commit suicide. Suicide rates are up.

Everyone is going to be exposed to the SARS-Cov-2 virus regardless, and the more susceptible will get sick. When enough people have been exposed and developed immunity, the pandemic will end. There are treatments to dramatically increase survival, and ways to help your immune system so you don’t get sick in the first place.

Many people have some pre-existing immunity from prior coronavirus infections (aka the common cold), and it looks as if 10-20% infections will establish herd immunity from SARS-Cov-2. Many places already have this, and everywhere will soon. The evidence is that T-Cell immunity is long-lasting.

We don’t need mandated social isolation, don’t need a vaccine. And don’t call them “lockdowns”!

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