The Impact of Lockdowns

MAMMs Collaborative Communication Committee (comprised of over 30 people from different organizations within our movement) has been generating "packaged messages" in an attempt to reach and influence the not-yet-converted moveable middle. Here is the second of 3 messages for this week focusing on lockdown issues that are deeply concerning and frankly terrifying. We are asking everyone to review the message below, extract what is relevant for your specific audience or use the message in its entirety and send it out to your members, family, friends, followers, etc. Please help us push these messages out so more people can wake up to the deeper issues.

The original lockdown plan went from “flatten the curve” to “reduce coronavirus deaths at all costs” based on a testing system. THAT TESTING SYSTEM IS RIGGED. Every positive test is called a CASE, leaving an untrue imprint of fear & symptoms. The PCR tests, already acknowledged to be unreliable, can pretty much find the most undetectable levels of the viral load if the lab runs a higher number of amplifications. Without looking at death rates out of the population, state and country governments are left to develop their own criteria and standards and then get to decide that they need a lockdown because the virus is spreading based on their “magic number tricks.”

For example, California defines one new case (which is only a positive test result) in 10,000 as “widespread” in their Blueprint for a Safer Economy Guidelines. With random criteria like this, lockdowns could be forever.

On August 13, after more than 100 days without any new local cases of COVID-19, the prime minister of New Zealand locked down the country's most populous city after four members in one family tested positive

It is not even clear exactly why Israel is under a second lockdown.

We also know that LOCKDOWNS DON’T WORK. If lockdowns worked, Israel shouldn’t even be in another lockdown as they were one of the earliest adopters of the most stringent methods. AND With all the criticism of Sweden and their “lax” policy with no lockdowns, they had 5,800 deaths out of a population of 10,343,403 or .00056… Does that sound like a failure to you? Instead, they got a big thumbs up from W.H.O. Johan Giesecke, former Swedish state epidemiologist and one of the anti-lockdown, Pro Herd Immunity promoters, was just given a senior advisory position as vice-chair of the World Health Organization Strategic and Technical Advisory Group on Infectious Hazards


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