COVID Vaccine on Trial: If you only knew

Listen to this conversation about the COVID shot.

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What 3 Medical Truth Tellers Endured

In this interview, you will hear the reasons why three medical professionals (Dr. Andrew Wakefield, pediatrician Dr. Paul Thomas, and RN Janet Presson) each became the targets of witch hunts. They’ll share what they learned from their experiences and advice they have for other medical truth-tellers.

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Treatments, Did You Know?

Treatments are an important part of overcoming illness.

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Fauci’s Track Record

What is Fauci’s track record?

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The Politicization of COVID

COVID has been promoted as a health emergency that affects humanity. Why has this become a political issue?

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Bad Medicine

What is bad medicine? It is both the use of medical interventions that cause more harm than good as well as the failure to use helpful interventions.

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CDC’s Track record

What is the CDC’s track record for guiding the American public?

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COVID Therapies

A discussion of discussion of therapies for COVID.

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Stronger Together: Unity Video

The leaders of several health freedom organizations collectively represent MILLIONS with a message about injustice and medical tyranny.

Learn More about Stronger Together: Unity Video

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