Dr. Christiane Northrup shares the most important message of the New Year


Dr. Northrup delivers a powerful New Year’s message during her interview with MAMM founder Maureen McDonnell. Dr. Northrup, an OB/GYN, best selling NY Times author, creator & star of eight PBS specials on women’s health, and the absolute world expert on “what can go right with a woman’s body” lays out the reasons why the current “sick care system” is collapsing. The women go on to discuss why people need to become empowered with knowledge about their health including dietary choices, exercise, positive, thinking, and using their connection to their higher power to heal.

Dr. Northrup explains how with the exception of acute emergency care, most physicians in the current “sick care system” know very little about how the body heals. Instead, Dr. Northrup suggests listening to the wisdom of the body, heeding the messages it delivers in the form of symptoms and if needed consulting healthcare practitioners who are knowledgeable about herbs, supplements, frequency technology & other natural ways of achieving great health & vibrancy.

This discussion is not only for those of us who understand these concepts, but it can be shared with people who are just beginning to realize that the old paradigm is falling and the new one is up to us to create.